Wuhan National Network Security Center

Time of publication:2020-03-30

Basic information

The national network security institute project was started in Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone, and five related projects were started simultaneously, with a total investment of 21.6 billion yuan. The concentrated commencement of the six major projects marks the substantial construction of the national network security talents and innovation base, and the "cradle of talents" of China's network security has changed from blueprint to reality. The "network security industry port" in the construction of "three ports" in Wuhan airport economic development zone is marching forward.

National security network center is located in Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone. With a total land area of 1500 mu and a total investment of 5 billion yuan, it is planned to build a network security college, training college and Research Institute. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation in June 2019, providing 10000 people with places for education and professional training to study, research and live, and providing an important carrier for building network security talents. Build the first unique "network security college + innovation industry Valley" base in China.

The exhibition center project is planned to invest 400 million yuan, and is expected to be completed by March next year, which will provide an important exchange platform for investment promotion and negotiation, conference service, summit exhibition and Planning Exhibition of the network security base.

The total investment of the international talent community project is about 1.7 billion yuan. After completion in 2019, 1264 talent apartments will be provided to provide a platform for professional exchanges and a happy home for all kinds of professionals.

Phase I infrastructure project of network security base has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, including municipal road network, water supply and power supply, rainwater and sewage pipe network, integrated pipe gallery, information network, etc. The project is planned to be completed in December 2019, which will provide basic guarantee and support for the implementation, completion and operation of key projects.

The total investment of CICC Wuhan supercomputing (data) center project is 10.5 billion yuan, covering an area of 310 mu. The project is planned to build onshore data center, offshore data center and big data application center. Completed in October 2019, it will be the largest and highest level data center in Central China.

The investment amount of the project is about 3 billion yuan and the land area is 148 mu. The project is planned to be completed by October 2019. After the completion and operation of its series of projects, more than 200 enterprises in the park will be introduced as a whole.


Programme requirements

The national security network center is a comprehensive building, which needs to ensure enough fresh air and has certain requirements for indoor temperature and humidity. The use of heat recovery heat pipe can ensure energy saving and improve the comfort of indoor air condition.

Scheme description

According to the owner's and design requirements, our company designs heat recovery heat pipe unit. Here, the working condition of one of them is selected for analysis, and the specific design parameters are as follows:

HRM heat recovery heat pipe of our company is installed before the surface cooler, the air inlet temperature is precooled to 29 ℃, and then the surface cooler is used for cooling, saving energy consumption of cooling 6 ℃. According to the design condition analysis, the comprehensive heat recovery efficiency is about 60%, which can achieve the expected energy saving effect.

Energy saving analysis

1. Operating parameters

Air inlet conditionAir conditionAir supply conditionExhaust condition
Dry bulb (℃)35.229.202531.11
Wet bulb (℃)28.427.0218.6820.6
relative humidity60.3%84.6%55%38.5%

2. Energy saving analysis and calculation

a. Calculation of unit energy consumption reduction

Saving cooling capacity of surface cooler: take a new air conditioner with a capacity of 15000m? / h as an example, compared with the conventional treatment process, the heat pipe heat recovery type air conditioner can save 8.04kw.

b. Operation cost saving calculation

Air conditioning operation time:Summer 12h / day * 122d = 1464h (June September)
Winter 12h / day * 151 days = 1812h (November March)
Heating coefficient in winter:3.6Cooling coefficient in summer:3.2
electricity fees:Commercial power 1.2 yuan / kWh

The annual operation cost saved is 10319.2 yuan. Combined with the initial investment, the initial investment of increasing heat pipe heat recovery can be recovered within two years.