Control system

Control system

Temperature and humidity monitoring system

AHU system adopts variable static pressure control mode, including variable static pressure control, hot and cold air temperature control, air humidity control, switch control and other control cycles.

The monitored data include air supply temperature, static pressure of air supply pipe, fresh air volume, return air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, cold / hot water valve opening, manual / automatic status of air supply fan, operation status, fault status, fan differential pressure switch status, filter differential pressure switch status, etc.

The automatic control principle of AHU provided by HVAC process is shown in the following figure:

Temperature and humidity monitoring system is to maintain the quality of goods in storage and create an environment suitable for goods storage. When the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are suitable for goods storage, it is necessary to try to prevent the adverse impact of the outside climate on the warehouse; when the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are not suitable for goods storage, it is necessary to take effective measures to adjust the temperature and humidity in the warehouse in time. Therefore, the establishment of real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system and the preservation of complete historical temperature data have entered the industry standard.

The temperature and humidity monitoring system consists of measuring point terminal, management host, uninterruptible power supply and related software. Each measuring point terminal can collect, transmit and alarm the real-time data of surrounding environment temperature and humidity; the management host can collect, process and record the monitoring data of each measuring point terminal, and has the alarm function.

system function

1. Real time monitoring of temperature and humidity data.

2. Judge the threshold value automatically, and send alarm message automatically once it exceeds the set normal range.

3. The alarm information is sent to the administrator's mobile phone and monitoring software.

4. According to the needs, the monitoring data can be connected with the management department's system.

5. Remote query the collected temperature and humidity information.

6. The user can analyze and manage the temperature and humidity data of the workshop and warehouse through the supporting data analysis management software

7. Analyze, export reports, display data curves, archive and print charts or reports.

8. Add wireless leak detection sensor to the water leakage monitoring area.

System advantages:

In addition to a single warehouse, the system can also conduct unified management and monitoring for warehouses scattered in different cities or places, and then select Ethernet or 3G mode to connect to the public network according to local conditions. The distributed devices will send data to the server software with the specified IP address. The user can access this IP address through the browser to open the browsing interface, process the data, and also send the alarm message to the corresponding person in charge. And the temperature and humidity monitoring app of our company will be online soon, when that time, you can check the temperature and humidity conditions of each point at any time through the mobile terminal.