HRM heat recovery heat pipe

HRM heat recovery heat pipe

Our company adopts the patented technology of American heat pipe technology Co., Ltd. - 3D heat loop TM, which opens the door for new applications of low air pressure drop, compact design, efficient and trouble free fixed installation. Three dimensional thermal loop TM is a breakthrough in the design of multi row heat pipe. It can transmit two or three times more mass of working fluid with the same pipe diameter. (mechanical pump not used)

a. No direct energy input requiredb. Small footprintc. Zero cross contaminationd. No moving partse. Up to 75% efficiency
f. Low air resistance, low pressure dropg. Easy to drain condensateh. Long lifei. Maintenance freej. Environmental safety
a. No direct energy input requiredb. Small footprint
c. Zero cross contaminationd. No moving parts
e. Up to 75% efficiencyf. Low air resistance, low pressure drop
g. Easy to drain condensateh. Long life
i. Maintenance freej. Environmental safety

Energy recovery method

1. Heat recovery of defrosting in winter with bypass valve

By using the combination of air branch pipe and control to reduce the air flow of coil pipe instead of the inclined method, the more accurate defrosting can be realized only when it is needed. Even in the defrosting mode, the three-dimensional thermal circuit can still work. Compared with the traditional simple switch heat pipe, this new defrosting method greatly improves the effective working time.

2. In the mild season

The 3D heat pipe circuit can be used anywhere under all weather conditions. When the external air is suitable for direct cooling and the ventilation rate is high, the bypass valve can carry out "energy saving" circulation in mild weather. This simple feature can improve the indoor air quality naturally while providing more free air conditioning.

3. Air conditioning recovery in summer

In the case of small indoor and outdoor temperature difference, it is difficult for the traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning designers to recover the air conditioner in summer. Now, using three-dimensional heat circuit can greatly improve the efficiency of air-conditioning recovery. When there is condensate generated, the efficiency of heat exchanger can be doubled.

4. Recovery of waste heat in industrial process

Heat pipe can not only help to recover energy in all civil buildings, but also can efficiently recover energy in many industrial processes. In many special industrial processes, a large amount of energy will be lost with the waste gas and waste liquid. The heat pipe can recover and recycle these heat without worrying about the pollution from waste products. What's more, the heat pipe can be used in corrosive environment after special treatment, which will only reduce the efficiency. Typical environments include: swimming pool, HVAC, drying treatment, painting room, laundry, kitchen, etc.

Installation method: