Heat pipe type heat recovery air conditioning unit

Heat pipe type heat recovery air conditioning unit

Air conditioning unit of HRM heat recovery heat pipe

◇ Configure efficient heat recovery function section

◇ Refrigeration, heating, humidification and other functional sections are optional

◇ Multi panel thickness optional, 25mm / 40mm / 50mm

The box has good sealing performance and the cold bridge factor meets the European TB2 standard

◇The anti condensation cold breaking bridge has good heat insulation performance at the ambient temperature of + 70 ℃ to - 40 ℃. Hamburg type structural panel is adopted, the inner plate is galvanized, the outer plate is color steel, the interlayer is made of high-density polyurethane foam, and the thermal conductivity is less than 0.0199w/m ·℃

◇High strength is suitable for large air volume combined air conditioning unit, which can bear 2000Pa pressure difference.

◇The disassembly and assembly is flexible and quick, each guard board can be disassembled and assembled separately, which is convenient for site assembly.

◇High air tightness adopts double-layer inlaid sealing structure to ensure tight splicing of framework and guard board, and the air leakage rate of the whole machine is less than 3%.

◇The combined flexible unit is designed and manufactured with 102mm standardized module, and the unit frame and guard board dimensions

Heat recovery device to save operation cost as much as possible

◇Heat pipe type heat recovery device can provide sensible heat recovery efficiency up to 65% for different environments.

◇Unique three-dimensional pipeline design, service life up to more than 10 years, no cross infection in the heat recovery section, no power consumption.

◇Heat pipe sealed partition, 100% no cross infection, bring you high quality air environment.

◇Provide selection software, calculate working condition parameters quickly, and provide the most reasonable and economic model.

◇Complete specifications and types, flexible combination.