High efficiency dehumidification heat pipe air con

High efficiency dehumidification heat pipe air con

Heat pipe dehumidification device reduces unit power consumption and provides comfortable living environment

◇The first half of the heat pipe is generally two row three-dimensional heat pipe, which absorbs heat, reduces the air inlet temperature and minimizes the load of the unit.

◇The second half of the heat pipe is heated through the cold air of the surface cooler to achieve a comfortable air supply temperature and ensure the quality of life.

◇Heat pipe dehumidification is a kind of hydrophilic aluminum foil plus copper pipe, which has excellent thermal conductivity, not easy to block, aging resistance and other characteristics, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions with large humidity difference.

◇The heat pipe dehumidification device does not need driving device, so it is more energy-saving.

◇Complete specifications and types, flexible combination.

Compact external rotor fan to meet the mute demand

◇The air supply and exhaust fan is a direct drive centrifugal fan with low-noise external rotor motor. After precise dynamic balance correction, the operation of the unit is stable.

◇The outer rotor fan has compact structure, no dust pollution and easy operation and maintenance.

Direct drainage wet film humidifier, providing comfortable indoor environment

◇The unit is equipped with 60mm thick direct drainage wet film humidifier, which can provide 40% saturated humidification efficiency. No "white powder" phenomenon.

◇The humidification system has simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Hot and cold water coil, compact and efficient

◇A series of copper tube with aluminum sheet φ 9.52mm sttl coil is used. The aluminum fin is a hydrophilic aluminum foil double flanging oblique corrugated sheet. The mechanical expansion process is used to achieve better heat exchange effect.

◇The coil header is equipped with vent and drain plug to ensure that there is no air accumulation in the circuit, which is convenient for drainage maintenance in winter.