Shanghai Jinguang Magnolia office building

Time of publication:2020-03-30

Basic information

The new landmark of the North Bund, the first high-rise building in Puxi, the "golden light center" project (formerly known as baiyulan square in the North Bund of Shanghai) recently realized the structural capping of the tower and the podium. As the landmark building of the future commercial core area of the North Bund, the total construction area of the project is about 420000 square meters, including a 66 story, 320 meter high 5A office tower, a 39 story, 171.7-meter-high five-star W hotel and a 57.2-meter-high exhibition hall building. The project was completed by the end of 2016.

Programme requirements

As a landmark building in Shanghai, magnolia is a comprehensive building combining Hotel and business office building, which needs to ensure enough fresh air. The hotel part also has certain requirements for indoor temperature and humidity, especially in summer when Shanghai is relatively hot and humid. The use of heat recovery heat pipe and dehumidification heat pipe ensures energy saving, and greatly improves the comfort of hotel air conditions 。

Scheme description

According to the owner's and design requirements, our company designs heat recovery heat pipe unit. Here, the working condition of one of them is selected for analysis, and the specific design parameters are as follows:

According to the analysis of design conditions, the comprehensive heat recovery efficiency is more than 60%, which can achieve the expected energy saving effect.

Energy saving analysis

1. Operating parameters

Air inlet conditionAir conditionAir supply conditionExhaust condition
Dry bulb (℃)34.828.282430.65
Wet bulb (℃)28.226.6918.620.68
relative humidity61.1%88.4%60%40.7%

2. Energy saving analysis and calculation

a. Calculation of unit energy consumption reduction

Saving cooling capacity of surface cooler: take a 16000m3 / h fresh air conditioning as an example, compared with the conventional treatment process, the heat pipe heat recovery type air conditioning box can save 34.9kw.

b. Operation cost saving calculation

Air conditioning operation time:Summer 12h / day * 122d = 1464h (June September)
Winter 12h / day * 151 days = 1812h (November March)
Heating coefficient in winter:3.6Cooling coefficient in summer:3.2
electricity fees:Commercial power 1.2 yuan / kWh

The annual operation cost saved is 42874 yuan. The total operation cost saved is 1.471 million yuan. Combined with the initial investment, the initial investment of increasing heat pipe heat recovery can be recovered within two years.

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