Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Time of publication:2020-03-14

Basic information of T3 satellite Hall of Pudong International Airport

The third phase of the expansion project includes satellite hall, MRT system and other facilities. Among them, the main project satellite hall has a total construction area of 622000 square meters, nearly 140000 square meters larger than Pudong airport T2 terminal building, which is the largest single satellite hall in the world at present. It is composed of two parts (S1 and S2). It is connected with the existing T1 and T2 terminals respectively through the MRT system, with a designed annual throughput of 38 million people. After completion in 2019, Pudong Airport has an annual passenger throughput capacity It will reach 80 million people.

Design parameter requirements

Design parameters of outdoor air conditioning:

Summer: dry bulb temperature 33.8 ℃, wet bulb temperature 28.3 ℃, ventilation temperature 31.5 ℃ and wind speed 2.0m/s in summer

Winter: air conditioning dry bulb temperature in winter 1.4 ℃, relative humidity 76%, winter ventilation temperature 8 ℃, wind speed 2.9m/s

Scheme description

The air conditioning system of T3 satellite Hall of Pudong Airport adopts 42 DHP heat pipes and 22 HRM heat recovery heat pipes in total. According to the requirements of Party A and the design, and in combination with the power condition and size of the supporting cold coil pipes, our company has designed the corresponding system, which can meet the requirements of many complex field environments for installation. Compared with other heat recovery energy-saving products, it has no cross infection, no energy consumption drive, low pressure drop and easy operation The advantages of maintenance and long service life are particularly significant. Two of the design parameters are shown as follows:

Energy saving analysis

1. Operating parameters


Air inlet conditionAir supply conditionReturn air conditionExhaust condition
Dry bulb (℃)34.427.492430.69
Wet bulb (℃)27.926.2718.620.7
relative humidity61.3%91%60%40.6%


Air inlet conditionConditions after DHP PrecoolingWorking condition of outlet coolerDHP working condition after reheating
Dry bulb (℃)26.522.3112.516.72
Wet bulb (℃)20.419.0912.0413.74
relative humidity57.75%74.22%94.99%72.32%

2. Energy saving analysis and calculation

a. Calculation of unit energy consumption reduction

Energy saving of the surface cooler: according to the formula q = Cp * m * △ t = Cp * ρ * V * △ T, on the premise of constant temperature and humidity, the energy saving of the selected two prototype products is hrm14.4kw and dhp67.8kw

b. Operation cost saving calculation

Air conditioning operation time:DHP: 24h / day * 122d = 2928h (June September)
HRM: Summer 12h / day * 122d = 1464h (June September)
Winter 12h / day * 151 days = 1812h (November March)
Heating coefficient:3.6Cooling coefficient:3.2
electricity fees:1.2 yuan / kW. H

The annual operation cost saved is 92000 yuan. Combined with the initial investment, the recovery of the initial investment was completed in about one and a half years.

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